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Note: In September 2001 we reluctantly decided that because of other commitments we would stop keeping sheep. With great sadness we sold our whole flock to someone who was building up a new flock. We have left these pages on the site in memory of the sheep that gave us so much interest and pleasure.

Hebridean sheep
Fernwood Gem
The Fernwood Flock

Hebridean sheep at Fernwood




Shortly after we moved to Fernwood we decided to get some sheep to graze our two large paddocks. We visited several other smallholdings and a number of rare breed shows and, of all the breeds we saw, we liked Hebrideans the best. We were assured that they were ideal for newcomers to sheep keeping and this has been confirmed by our subsequent experiences.

We started by buying three registered ewes (Carol, Heidi and Fern) and four registered ewe lambs (Rita, Anne, Raquel and Renata) in the autumn of 1997. The ewes were sent away to a ram, and the four ewe lambs came home with us. The ewes arrived a couple of months later after what we hoped had been a successful relationship with the ram!

Hebridean sheep are said to be among the easiest of all sheep to keep. They can survive harsh conditions on very poor grazing because they still retain many of the characteristics of their Hebridean ancestors. They are intelligent, inquisitive and very hardy.

Winter at Fernwood
Our flock in the winter

The thick fleece is such a good insulator that during a frosty night they get covered with ice because so little of their body heat escapes.

After a frosty night

In the spring of 1998 the ewes produced five healthy lambs - one ram and four ewes. (Rocky, Crystal, Gem, Agate and Amber). One great advantage in keeping sheep of this type is that they hardly ever need any help with lambing.

Agate and Amber
Agate and Amber at 4 days old

In the autumn of 1998 all seven of the original ewes were put with rams and in the spring of 1999 they produced another 12 healthy lambs - 2 rams and 10 ewes this time. Again they all lambed without any assistance from us.

Fernwood Rocky
Rocky at 21 months old

Lambs and ewes at Fernwood
Ewes and lambs at Fernwood


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