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Jovibarba cultivars

06 Oct 2005

This page: Introduction - J. heuffelii cultivars



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There are many different cultivars of J. heuffelii but only a small number of cultivars related to the other Jovibarba species.

The symbol [P] after a name links to a photograph of that plant in our collection. Go to the Gallery to view small versions of all pictures.

Jovibarba cultivars

J. hirta 'Borealis' - our clone with this name has larger paler rosettes than the typical J. hirta plants.

J. hirta 'Pressiana' - small rosettes flushed with pinkish red.

J. sobolifera 'August Cream' - small, pale yellowish green rosettes.

J. sobolifera 'Green Globe' [P] - small rounded rosettes, leaves completely pale green.



Jovibarba heuffelii cultivars


J. heuffelii cultivars
A collection of J. heuffelii cultivars

There are several hundred named cultivars of J. heuffelii and they are becoming very popular with houseleek enthusiasts. The plants are usually distinctive and often very beautiful. The rosettes are much more sturdy than those of Sempervivum cultivars. The leaves are quite rigid, usually sharply pointed and often edged with gold or silver. The colours of the best types are brighter, (or darker), than any of the Sempervivum cultivars.

Most varieties are easy to grow but propagation is more difficult than with sempervivums because the offsets are not produced on stolons. Groups of plants must be cut apart to obtain more individual plants and this increases the chance losses due to infection.

The following list contains a number of the cultivars in our collection. Abbreviations used are as for the Sempervivum cultivars.


Angel Wings - ? - pinkish-brown and green with wide but sharply pointed leaves. A vigorous grower.

Apache - US - large upright leaves, green with red-brown tips and silvery marginal hairs.

Aquarius - UK - (SR*1980) large attractive plant with blue-green and rose-red leaves.

Be Mine - UK - very dark blackish red rosettes which keep their colour well through the winter.

Beacon Hill - UK - a large and fast growing cultivar, green and red-brown.

Belcore - UK - velvety green leaves flushed with brown.

Benjamin - ? - small rosettes of dark brownish-red leaves.

Bermuda - UK - blue-green shading to brownish red.

Blaze - ? - shining dark red leaves with green bases.

Bronze Ingot [P] - UK - beautiful dark purplish-red with bronze leaf margins.

Cherry Glow - UK - short rosettes of dark, glowing red, velvety leaves.

Chocoleta - UK - a very dark chocolate brown colour.

Fandango - UK - large upright green leaves shading to dark flame red at the tips.

Gento - UK - small, neat, brown and green rosettes.

Giuseppi Spiny - ? - brownish red, medium sized rosettes, leaves with pale edges and sharply pointed tips.

Grand Slam - UK - large, dark red rosettes of short wide leaves.

Greenstone - UK - (AM*1976) - bright green leaves with dark brown tips.

Harmony - ? - medium size, many leafed rosettes, purplish-red edged with green.

Henri Correvon - UK - dark green, downy leaves with red-brown tips, large growing.

Hotlips - UK - dark purplish-red leaves.

Hystyle - UK - dark reddish brown leaves with sharply pointed green tips and distinct yellow leaf margins.

Inferno - UK - large, widely spreading, glowing red-brown leaves with green leaf bases.

Iuno - ? - dark brownish-red with green leaf margins.

Jade - UK - attractive fresh pale green colour, wide shapely leaves.

Melanoheuff - UK - very dark brownish-red leaves with yellow margins.

Miller's Violet - UK - dark violet brown leaves with paler leaf bases.

Mink - UK - dark purplish-brown, leaves covered with very fine velvety hairs.

Minuta - ? - (SR*1975) - small, neat, many leafed rosettes, green shading to brown.

Mystique - UK - unusual short wide leaves, dark brownish red with silver hairs.

Nanette - UK - pale yellowish-green flushed with pink and brown, rather thick leaves.

Orion - UK - large rosettes of wide, dark red leaves. A vigorous grower.

Pink Skies - UK - green leaves, flushed with pinkish-red.

Prisma - UK - small, dark purplish grey and green, leaves with pale edges.

Purple Haze - UK - (SR*1980) - attractive purplish brown with a blue-grey tinge.

Sun Dancer - UK - pale yellowish green with shades of pink and glowing red.

Suntan - UK - large wide leaves, brown with dark yellow margins.

Sylvan Memories - ? - wide, glossy, dark red leaves.

Tan - UK - (SR*1975) - beautiful dark red-brown leaves in the summer.

Torrid Zone - UK - (GR*1980) - large, wide leaves which turn a rich, glowing red in the spring and summer.

Tuxedo - UK - regular rosettes of dark purplish grey and brown leaves.

Violet - UK - dark violet-brown leaves.

Vulcan - UK - dark purplish-brown leaves with pale yellow margins.

Xanthoheuff [P] - UK - (AM*1975) (SR*1976) - the rosettes turn from pale green to bright yellow in the spring, a striking plant but slow growing and prone to rot away in damp weather. Difficult to keep.



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