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Phormium ‘Yellow Wave’

06 Oct 2005

General information

Cultivar name:

Phormium ‘Yellow wave’ (AGM)


Selected from a batch of Phormium Rainbow Hybrid seedlings by Mr F Jury and distributed by Mr 0. Gibson (both from Waitara, New Zealand).


L J Metcalf, The Cultivation of New Zealand Trees and Shrubs, 254 (1987)




Leaf colour

Colour group:

Yellow variegated

Upper surface:

The main colour is a bright greenish-yellow (11B) with narrow stripes of varying shades of green (139A; 146C) concentrated mainly on the outer edges. The midrib is pale and the margins are narrowly edged with dark brown.(200A)
1cm section

Lower surface:

The general appearance of the plant is bright yellowish-green. It is very striking in evening light. Phormium 'Cream Delight' is very similar but paler colour again.
1cm section



Growth form

Shape group:


Leaf length:

< 100 cm

Leaf width:

< 4 cm



Flowers and fruit



Pictures (Click to enlarge)




Published descriptions


A medium sized plant to 3-4 feet tall with arching 2" wide green leaves with a central yellow band that fades to green in fall. +/- Stable.


A very hardy ornamental flax with graceful drooping foliage. Heavily varigated yellow.


Lovely upright leaves to 4' with a drooping leaf tip, and yellowish green central banding variously muted in green.


Light, clear yellow leaves with thin green margins and streaks. To 3’. Moderately wide leaves have a pleasantly relaxed habit.


The most brilliant yellow is found in ‘Yellow Wave’, a vigorous and easily propagated variety that is now widely available. It quickly forms a broad three- to four-foot clump of wide, strongly arching soft yellow leaves that take on chartreuse tones in fall. The leaf margins are bright lime-green.


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