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Phormium ‘Variegatum’

06 Oct 2005

General information

Cultivar name:

Phormium ‘Variegatum’ (syn. ‘Variegata’)


This name is used for a variety of different green and yellow variegated plants. These range from large forms that have only a slight amount of yellow striping to much smaller growing forms having extensive areas of variegation. More often than not, plants with this name are upright growing rather than arching so appear to be derived from P. tenax rather than P. cookianum.



Phormium tenax and P. cookianum (Perhaps also hybrids)


Leaf colour

Colour group:

Yellow variegated

Upper surface:

Generally a mid-green with numerous yellow stripes, usually narrow but occasionally up to a quarter of the leaf width. Margins are narrowly reddish-brown.

Lower surface:

Blue-green with less distinct yellow stripes. The midrib is red and the margins towards the base of the leaf are black, shading to brownish-red further up the leaf.



Growth form

Shape group:


Leaf length:

< 6 cm

Leaf width:

< 80 cm



Flowers and fruit



Pictures (Click to enlarge)



Published descriptions


A full-sized flax with broad, grayish green leaves with marginal creamy yellow stripes, has been around since 1878.


A large upright plant to 8 feet tall with green and cream bands running lengthwise on broad 3" wide leaves. Stable.


Looking more like an oversized variegated yucca, this dazzling selection of New Zealand Flax has beautifully banded leaves... half green and half creamy yellow. This rigidly upright grower will make a 4' tall clump.


Leaves edged white.


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