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Phormium ‘Duet’

06 Oct 2005

General information

Cultivar name:

Phormium ‘Duet’ (AGM)


Margaret Jones, New Zealand, 1979.


L.J. Metcalf (1987), The Cultivation of New Zealand Trees and Shrubs, 254.



Leaf colour

Colour group:

Yellow variegated

Upper surface:

Soft greyish-green (147A) with a white midrib and occasional pale stripes. Most leaves have one or more creamy-yellow (13D) stripes which are generally concentrated towards the outer edge of the leaf. The leaf margin is narrowly lined with red (185A) and this gets more distinct towards the base of each leaf.
1cm scan

Lower surface:

Similar to the upper surface but the colours are generally less bright (147B) (12D) and the midrib is dark rather than pale.
1cm scan


Somewhat similar to ‘Tricolor’ but the red margins are less distinct and the general appearance of the plant more green.


Growth form

Shape group:


Leaf length:

< 120 cm

Leaf width:

< 5 cm



Flowers and fruit


Pale yellowish brown. Often produced early in the year. Fruits are bright yellow at first and typical P. cookianum shape.


Pictures (Click to enlarge)



Published descriptions


"a low-growing plant with rather stiff leaves which are erect to somewhat spreading. They are green in the centre with the creamy white variegation concentrated towards the margins. Normally it grows no more than about 1 m." (L.J. Metcalf, 1987)


Dark green centers leaves with light yellow margins. Leaves are moderately wide, to 2’ long.


Low growing variety with leaves coloured green in the centre and creamy white variegation at the edges.


Cream variegated, narrow leaves stiffly carried upright. A semi-dwarf habit about .3m in height. Good in a container.




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