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Phormium ‘Apricot Queen’

06 Oct 2005

General information

Cultivar name:

Phormium ‘Apricot Queen’


Margaret Jones, New Zealand.


Name validated by Heenan (1991) See description below.




Leaf colour

Colour group:

Yellow variegated

Upper surface:

Striped with various shades of green, yellow and gold. Each leaf has a different combination of colours, positions and widths of the stripes. The leaf margins are edged with dark brownish-red.
Apricot Queen - Upper surface

Lower surface:

The green stripes are more bluish-grey especially towards the base of each leaf, and the yellow stripes are less distinct. The red-brown coloured midrib is visible on this side.
Apricot Queen - Lower surface


The apricot colour after which this cultivar is named, tends to develop in the older leaves especially in the late summer and autumn. Occasionally a fan will revert to plain green.


Growth form

Shape group:


Leaf length:

< 100 cm

Leaf width:

< 4.5 cm


Upright, spreading leaves, arching at the tips.

Flowers and fruit



Pictures (Click to enlarge)




Published descriptions


This plant is up to 70 cm high with spreading leaves 60-80 X 3 cm, young leaves soft apricot, older leaves fading to a yellow-orange (14C).


Slightly arching 3-5 feet tall plant with twisting 1 1/2" wide pale yellow leaves with green margins that flush an apricot color in fall. Stable.
'Apricot Queen' is a slightly arching 3-5(6) feet tall plant with twisting 1 1/2" wide pale yellow leaves with green margins. The plant is described in literature as having new growth that is flushed with an apricot tone, thus giving this plant its name. We have found however that in cultivation in the California, the leaves usually emerge yellow and sometimes will flush an apricot color in fall. This cultivar maintains its variegated foliage color very well, rarely having solid green leaves.


Leaves emerge light yellow with green margins, age to faint apricot/peach. To 3’, with moderately wide leaves.


Two to 3 feet; yellow leaves with green margin; apricot blush in fall.


Yellow leaves overlaid with apricot, edged dark green bronze.


A three-footer with slightly arching and twisting soft yellow leaves streaked yellow-green and apricot with lime-green margins. ‘Apricot Queen’ deepens to apricot-orange (as it matures)



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