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Phormium bed 2002

06 Oct 2005

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Progress through 2002

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At the end of 2001 and the beginning of 2001 there were a few showers of snow but never enough to actually cover over the plants.

January 2002

Through the winter, days were often cold and windy. The overnight temperature commonly dropped to -5C and on a few occasions we measured -7C. Most of the phormiums coped well but at the beginning of the year it was obvious that the bed was getting overcrowded and that we really ought to remove some of the plants.

However, several of them began to develop flower stems so we decided to let them grow on undisturbed for another year.

Phormium bed - May 2002
May 2002

 By June, flower spikes were developing on 'Black Edge', 'Duet', 'Emerald Isle' and 'Tricolor'

June 2002   
13 June 2002

Each day there was a noticeable increase in the height of the flower stalks.

June 2002
25 June 2002

By July many of the flowers were beginning to form seed pods.

July 2002
July 2002

Through the summer and autumn there was a steady increase in the size of most of the plants. A few of the slower growers are getting shaded out so next spring we will have to do some thinning out!

December 2002
December 2002

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