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Phormium bed 2000

06 Oct 2005

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Progress through 2000

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New Zealand Flax

During the winter of 1999-2000 some of the younger leaves were damaged by frost but in the following spring new growth appeared and after a while the damaged leaves were cut off.

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29 April 2000

By July there had been a considerable amount of growth and the bed began to look very colourful.

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01 July 2000

Growth of all plants continued through the summer. The ground cover around each plant was trimmed back so as not to restrict growth of the plants.

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05 August 2000

In September we added some Ivy plants to the bed in the hopes that they would eventually spread to cover the ground between the phormiums and perhaps provide some additional protection against frost.

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06 September 2000

In December we had several light snow showers and a number of frosty nights.

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28 December 2000

Despite the freezing conditions the bed continued to look good throughout the winter although some of the plants showed signs of frost damage.

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