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06 Oct 2005

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The Maoris were the first people to select and name Phormium cultivars as they were of great importance to them as raw materials for making clothing, matting, baskets and rope. (See the New Zealand Flax page.) The Checklist of Phormium Cultivars lists over 200 different Maori names but many of the plants to which they refer are no longer known.

Leaves used: 'Jester', 'Platt's Black', 'Duet', 'Maori Maiden', 'Copper Beauty'
Woven strips of Phormium leaves

The Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture is the International Registration Authority for Phormium cultivars and has published a Checklist of Phormium Cultivars, Peter Heenan (1991). This publication contains brief descriptions of the cultivars and bibliographic references.

We are keeping a list of all the ornamental cultivars that we have seen, or have found mentioned in literature, and would welcome any additions or corrections to the list.



Sources of information


We have produced our list of cultivars by referring to the following sources of information. New names are added as we come across them.

In the cultivar list the letters A to P are used to indicate the source of information.

A = Checklist of Phormium Cultivars, P. Heenan (1991)

B = RHS Plant Finder (2001-2002)

C = Phormiums of the Future, V. McBride-Whitehead, (The Garden, January 1998)

D = San Marcos Growers, California (Web site)

E = Burncoose Nurseries, Cornwall (Web site)

F = South West Phormiums, Devon (Wholesale list)

G = Ballyrogan Nurseries, Co. Down Ireland (Catalogues)

H = Bloomz, New Zealand (Web site)

I = Seaside Nurseries, Galway, Ireland (Web site)

J = Diacks Nurseries Ltd, USA (Web site)

K = Heronswood Nurseries, USA (Web site)

L = Monterey Nurseries, USA (Web site)

M = Plant Delights, USA (Web site)

N = Cotswold Garden Flowers, Worcestershire (Catalogue 2000)

O = Other references (Internet, Television, Garden Centres etc.)

P = New Zealand Plant Finder (Web site)

We are in the process of producing data pages on individual cultivars. Where these are available the name is highlighted in the cultivar list.

Description of the contents of Cultivar data pages.

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