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12 Jun 2011

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At Fernwood we grow a large number of Phormium and in January 2002 our Phormium collection was awarded Plant Heritage National Collection® status. However, in 2011 after two unusually severe winters we lost many of our larger Phormium plants and we reluctantly decided to withdraw our Phormium collection from the Plant Heritage National Collection scheme.

In 1999 we planted a bed containing phormiums only. The bed measures 4m. in diameter and, after digging in the grass which previously occupied the area, the soil was covered with Mypex ground cover and the phormiums planted through it. The surface was then covered with horticultural grit.

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September 1999

The bed one year later:

6 September 2000
September 2000

and in December 2002:

Phormium Bed December 2002

The construction and development of this bed is described in more detail on the Phormium bed pages.




NCCPG National Collections®


Another NCCPG National Collection® of Phormiums is held by:

Mr Phil Rollinson, The National Trust, Mount Stewart Garden, Grey Abbey, Newtownards, Co. Down BT22 2AD



Plants for sale or exchange


We no longer sell phormiums but we would still be interested in exchanging for any varieties that we do not already have.

Please contact:



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