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17 Oct 2005

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Since we have been at Fernwood we have kept a record of all the wild birds we have seen in our garden, paddock and field.

We have recorded a total of 50 species that have actually landed in the grounds plus another 7 species seen flying overhead. (marked with * )

We have heard, but not seen, 2 other species. (marked with ! )

The list is arranged alphabetically with brief notes on each species.



Alphabetical Index




List of birds


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* Barn Owl - seen flying over at night, November 2001

* Black Backed Gull (Greater or Lesser?) - Only seen flying over so identification not certain.

Blackbird - Seen almost every day. Nests in the garden.

Blackcap - Single sighting of a female, in the garden - July 1997

Blue Tit - Seen almost every day. Nests in the garden.

Bullfinch - An occasional visitor.

Buzzard - Seen flying overhead most days. Occasionally lands on a telegraph pole on our boundary.

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* Canada Goose - Groups of 2, sometimes more, fly over quite regularly.

Carrion Crow - Frequent visitors to the field hedges. They also come to the garden for food, especially in the winter.

Chaffinch - Seen almost every day. Probably nests in the garden.

Coal tit - Seen most days but less frequently in the summer.

Collared Dove - Very common. Nests in the taller hedges.

! Cuckoo - calls heard in the spring.

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Dunnock - Seen almost every day. Probably nests in the garden.

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Fieldfare - Winter visitors. In groups, often with Redwings.

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Goldcrest - Occasional sightings in the hedges.

Goldfinch - Groups commonly seen in the paddock where they feed on seed heads. Frequent visitors to the pond.

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Nests nearby. Adults are regular visitors to the bird feeders in the winter and through the spring, with young. Seen occasionally at other times of year.

Great Tit - Seen almost every day. Probably nests in the garden.

Greenfinch - Seen regularly throughout the year, sometimes in groups in the winter. Nests in the garden.

Grey Wagtail - Rare visitor to the pond.

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* Herring Gull - Frequently seen flying over.

* Heron - Occasionally seen flying over.

House Martin - They nest nearby and are frequently seen flying with swallows. In summer they occasionally land on the house walls or roof.

House Sparrow - Abundant all the year round. Groups of 60 or more can be in the garden at one time. Nests in the garden.

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Jackdaw - Large flocks fly over in the winter. Small numbers visit the garden regularly for food.

Jay - Single sighting in the hedge around the paddock - June 2000. A pair also seen in October 2005.

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Kestrel - Rare visitor to the field and paddock..

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* Lapwing - flocks occasionally land in the surrounding fields but we have only seen them flying over.

Lesser Whitethroat - Single sighting, May 2001. (Identification not certain)

Linnet - Occasional sightings in the field or on fences, often with goldfinches in the summer.

Long-tailed Tit - Groups occasionally seen working their way along the hedges. Groups occasionally visit the feeders.

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Magpie - Nests in the paddock hedge. Adults and young visit for food.

Marsh Tit - Often seen at the bird feeders in the autumn and winter.

Meadow Pippit - Seen occasionally in the field, paddock, or garden.

Mistle Thrush - Seen in the field in February 98 and March 1999.

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Nuthatch - Frequent visitors to the bird feeders but less often in the summer.

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Pheasant - Common in the surrounding fields and they frequently venture into the garden. Occasional nests found in our field.

Pied Wagtail - Frequently seen in winter. Less often in the summer.

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Raven - Often seen, or heard, flying over. Occasionally they land in the trees on the edge of our paddock.

Red-legged Partridge - Single sighting in the garden, December 1999.

Redwing - Winter visitors, usually in small flocks. Often with Fieldfares.

Robin - Several are resident around the garden and sometimes nest in the barns.

Rock Dove - Single sighting, May 2001.

Rook - Occasional visitors to the paddock or field.

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Siskin - Occasional winter visitor. Flocks of up to 20 birds seen in late January 2002.

Song Thrush - Occasional visitors to the garden and paddock.

Sparrow Hawk - Frequently seen flying over the garden and sometimes seen waiting in the flower beds for prey, or standing on the fences.

Spotted Flycatcher - A pair nested in an open shed in the summer of 2005 but young were not successfully reared.

Starling - Several hundred birds have roosted in our Leylandii hedge in the winter. Small numbers come to the garden for food and large flocks occasionally land in the field and paddock. Flocks of several thousand birds accumulate in the evenings prior to flying off at dusk.

Swallow - Seen every day from April till September. Several pairs nest in our barns and usually raise two broods each year.

* Swift - Seen flying over occasionally in the summer.

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Tawny Owl - calls often heard at night. Lands occasionally on our telephone wire.

Tree Creeper - Seen occasionally on the larger trees in the garden.

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Warbler (? Willow or Garden) - Occasional summer visitor.

Wheatear - Single sighting in in the garden, September 2001.

Wood Pigeon - They nest in the larger hedges and often perch on the fences.

Wren - Seen most days. Nests in the barn.

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Yellow-hammer - Seen in the garden in April 1998 and January 2001.



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